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“Anahata” is the sanskrit name for the fourth or heart chakra. It is the central force that inspires compassion and love.
We offer a range of yoga classes and massage treatments that promote strength, flexibility and balance.
The experience you have as our client is at the heart of Anahata. We look forward to meeting you soon and hope you enjoy the Anahata experiences.upto35off

Item Price in € Buy Now
Yoga 6 Classes € 55
value € 80
Yoga Drop In Class € 12
value € 15
Yoga 6 Classes – Bring A Friend, Per Person Pay € 50
Lunch Time Yoga € 10
One Month Unlimited € 55 value € 95
Private Class € 60
value € 75

Massage Therapy Duration Price in € Buy Now
Thai Yoga Massage 60 minutes € 70
v. €90
90 minutes € 85
v. €110
Holistic Massage 60 minutes € 59
v. €75
90 minutes € 75
v. €90
Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes € 75
90 minutes € 90

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Yoga is balance

group of smiling women stretching in gym






 At Anahata, yoga is about balance.Yoga teaches you how to use your body and breath to…

Power of treatment






At Anahata treatment is about the power of touch. the sense of touch is healing in it self


At Anahata weight loss is about the power of now!The seed of change is awareness


11 St Stephen Green,
Dublin 2,
Co. Dublin,
Call us at TEL: 0858785658 Or Mob: 089 250 7927
Email us at: anahatadublin@gmail.com

Nabin Thapa

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