Ancient Thai Massage Course

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Ancient Thai Massage weekend with Nabin in Dublin city centre.

Sat TBC and Sun TBC January 2018, with certificate of completion. 


This course teaches the foundations of Ancient Thai Massage.

During this weekend course you will be given instruction in and practice of a full body massage sequence using the side position. The sequence is for a duration of 45 minutes to an hour and treats a person from ‘head to toe’. The sequence taught is of particular benefit for those who suffer from back pain, elderly people and during pregnancy.

You will also be guided through energy preserving techniques to enhance your massage practice as well as clearing and grounding practices and an explanation of the Chakras (energy centres).

Yoga, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques and awareness of body alignment are also instructed during this weekend course.

The course is suited to Holistic Therapists who are already practicing massage or those who wish to learn more about massage techniques to share with family & friends.

About Thai Massage:

Ancient Thai Massage benefits both giver and receiver.

* Experience feelings of total rejuvenation    

* Releases aches and pain

* Promotes a free flow of energy 

* Increases Flexibility and developes breath awareness

* Soothes and heals, it’s a holistic experience. 

Like a dance between giver and receiver, Thai Massage flows rhythmically and is uniquely nurturing as you are brought into a state of deep release and relaxation.

Thai massage has a long history of therapeutic healing. Despite its name, its earliest roots are found in India. The founder of the art was a physician from northern India called Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, a contemporary of historical Buddha (circa 2500B.C.).

This massage is a combination of applied pressure along the energy lines of the body, massage, flows of movement and passive yoga stretches. The practitioner uses a combination of fingers and hands, toes, feet, forearms, elbows, knees, body weight and leverage to massage. Throughout the massage the flow of the breath is followed and the practitioner focuses their intention towards your well being. These elements fused with the rhythmic flow of the massage gives you the ultimate nurturing experience.

The massage begins at the feet and moves through each part of the body working front, back, sides, ending with the head. The body is stretched, loosened, massaged and moved throughout the session. Thai massage is given in silence, so that the therapist can tune into you and so that you may better receive the benefits of the massage and experience greater calm.

The unique flow of the massage has a balancing effect on all the systems of the body and also works directly on the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The body’s own natural healing process is activated as the subtle energy centres (Chakra’s) are brought into balance. The receiver may experience a release of deeply held emotions, a stillness of the mind and a feeling of oneness and clarity.

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