Ayurveda is a traditional Indian herbal medicine with a 5000 year history. Ayurveda focuses on bringing balance to the body and mind in alignment with nature through the removal of toxins and waste that collect in the body and block the flow of nourishment to the tissues and channels.

Ayurvedic massage strengthens the muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body. Technique involves strokes, tapping, kneading, squeezing & working on “marma points” in body which are similar to the pressure points in reflexology, acupuncture and acupressure.

The style and intensity of massage depends on the individuals need for balance and wellbeing at the time. Massage can be undertaken with or without a prior assessment, but a brief discussion on health issues and goals is recommended. This is because the oils and techniques used are matched to clients current state of health. Ayurvedic techniques are used for relaxation, rebalancing doshas and elements within the body and for pain management.

Ayurvedic massage will benefit the whole body physically, mentally and spiritually.

40 MIN


60 MIN