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Nabin Thapa

Founder/ teacher

Nabin is a native of Nepal and was born in a small village in the west of the country. From the very beginning, village life sensitised Nabin to Yoga, energy work and spirituality. Shaman healers and Yogis were part of his nurturing community close to the rhythms of nature, where Yoga, massage and energy work is a daily practiced. This environment led Nabin to an interest in the field of yoga, healing through touch and energy work.

Nabin began his work in this field in the early 1990s and has been teaching most recently in “The Kathmandu Centre of Healing” which he founded in March of 1997 for the preservation and promotion of Ancient Healing Arts.
His sensitivity to energy, perceptiveness and intuitive approach are refreshing in his teaching style.

In addition to Yoga, Nabin is a certified Ancient Thai (yoga) massage teacher and a Reiki Master. Nabin offers attunement and healing in Reiki, practices integrated healing massage and has many years experience in Meditation and Yogic practices.
Nabin has traveled combining teaching and study through Asia and in Europe.

Since 2001, Nabin has focused most of his time in Ireland, teaching and practicing. In that time he has worked in various healing centres, yoga studios and hospitals, primarily in the Dublin area. The creation of “Anahata” is a culmination of years of dedication to the healing arts.


Yoga teacher

Stefania practices yoga since 1999. She is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and qualified hot yoga teacher (Barkan Method). She completed her first teacher training in Agra, India at the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in 2011 . In 2014 she successfully completed the Barkan Method teacher training program. Her classes are a combination of pranayama, flowing asanas and relaxation.

“My life changed completely from the day I started this amazing and fulfilling discipline. My energy level increased from the very beginning but just with a constant practice I could really see the deep changes in me. It is an amazing, never ending path of transformation and knowledge. The best gift you can give to others is yourself at your best. See you in Anahata.


Gary O'Toole

Yoga teacher

Gary is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga instructor, having completed his training with Green Lotus Yoga in Ireland. He has also studied Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sri V. Sheshadri in Mysore, India and has studied with many yoga and meditation teachers from different traditions over the past 15 years. He is currently training in Shadow Yoga (also known as ‘Hatha Yoga in Shadow Style’) with Alexandra Kreis in Dublin.

He spent three years studying with the American Institute of Vedic Studies, through which he was granted the title of “Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor”. He uses the knowledge gained in his Ayurvedic training, both through the American Institute and in time spent studying at the Internal Academy of Ayurved in India, to compliment his classes.

He combines these ancient sciences in his own daily life and in helping his students come to a deeper understanding of their unique nature, and path in life.

Raphaelle Romana

Yoga teacher

A certified Hatha and Bikram yoga teacher and massage therapist. I have practised yoga for almost 15 years including Vinyasa, Iyengar, Hatha, Bikram and Anti-gravity yoga. After 10 years of practise I decided to become a teacher and never looked back. I have a great interest and passion for holistic therapies and strive to expand my knowledge of the body’s anatomy and healing process through continuous training. I feel very priviledged to share my passion with others through teaching and find great reward in helping others understand their bodies better. Yoga has changed my life for the better, physically and mentally; I never stop learning from it. As a teacher my goal is to inspire and get inspired.


Yoga teacher

Taking your experience on the mat into your daily life The style of my yoga class is characterized by a combination of Hatha Yoga and dynamic flowing movements with emphasis on a conscious directed breath. I’m offering my yoga students a space where they can be as they are, trying out new things and get in contact with there boundaries as well as new prospects. This allows the student to deepen his/her practise and understanding of Yoga. Elements like mindfulness, strength and silence are also parts of my class as joy, humour and lightness. And a love for music and sound is accompanying my yoga class. I’m practising yoga for over 8 years. After 2 years of training I finished in 2010 my Yoga teacher training in Vienna. Since that I’m teaching and doing ongoing trainings and workshops in Yoga and Meditation in Ireland, Austria and Germany. May I attend you on your yoga path where you can experience more joy and finding more clarity. Enjoy your practice Simone


Yoga teacher

Siobhan is a fully qualified Hatha Yoga teacher. She attended her first Yoga class as a teenager, looking for a way to recover after suffering an ankle injury. Through gentle persistent practice her ankle healed and in the process she developed a deep interest in the connection between body, breath, and mind. Initially drawn to the physical aspect of Yoga, she quickly realised the positive effect it was having on her mental and spiritual state. She began to develop a consistent practice and Yoga became an integral part of her daily life. Siobhan’s classes are dynamic and fun with a focus on letting go both physically and emotionally. Expect to move freely and build strength, stamina and flexibility, allowing the breath to guide you as you create space and awareness in the body and mind. Siobhan encourages her students to develop their own personal practice suited to their current state of health and lifestyle. No two people are the same and no two Yoga practices are alike. Siobhan’s philosophy is that Yoga is not about the pursuit of perfection, but rather it is about a patient and persistent practice. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes. What matters is the positive attitude and open heart we take to the mat which we can then take off the mat and into our daily lives. Yoga has transformed how Siobhan lives. It has showed her how to be mindful of others, be kind to herself, and give gratitude every day.


Yoga teacher

Cristina completed her first yoga teacher training in Spain with Yoga Studio Barcelona. Her constant interest and curiosity has led her to immerse into another 200 hr yoga teacher training with The Yoga Room, in Dublin. Her style is mainly influenced by her previous movement research and studies in contemporary dance, and body alignment techniques. She has an integral approach to the body based on the principles of nature, emphasizing the connection between the body’s inner energy and the surrounding Universe. Cristina leads every single class as a unique and intense experience. Her classes are focused on safety, flow movement, awareness, breath, connection between the inner and outer space and personal needs of her students. She enjoys caring, nurturing and helping her students to find a way to stay well through inner cultivation. 


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Nabin Thapa

nabin Nabin is a native of Nepal and was born in a small village in the west of the country. From the very beginning, village life sensitised Nabin to...

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